Training in Pohnpei

Map of the FSM

View of airstrip on Pohnpei
Another view of airstrip on Pohnpei
View of the Pohnpei habor and airstrip
Host family's store
Riding in the back of a pickup truck
BBQ for Peace Corps Trainees
Boys breakdancing in the kitchen
Crab claw
Heart-shaped coral head
Dark sunset
Giant clam farming in tanks at PATS (Pohnpei Agriculture Trade School)
Learning how to gut a fish
Boat on water with mountains in the background
Hut on the water
Land crab
Host family ceremony in Pohnpei
Littering Sign in English and Pohnpeian
Lobster for dinner
Pohnpeian style lunch
Male mangrove crab
Female mangrove crab
Mangrove swamp
Airport scene
Nahlep beach
Morning dew
Path amidst the Nan Madol ruins
Nan Madol ruins- view 1
Nan Madol ruins- view 2
Dancing and partying after getting site placements
Tanks at PATS
Airport goodbye scene in Pohnpei- going to sites
Peace Corps Micro '71 Team Yap
Yap Island ladies
Pearl farming at PATS
Pink sunset
Wearing skirts Pohnpei style
Pohnpei host family
Purple flower
Rainbow- first day in Pohnpei
View of the road to the airport
Learning to scale a fish
View of Sokehs rock
Enjoying some milk
Walking to the waterfall
Japanese artillary
Japanese artillary- different angle